ZWILLING Twin Pure Steel Foam Whisk

ZWILLING Twin Pure Steel Foam Whisk

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For airy egg whites or to avoid lumps in sauces, a foam broom is needed, which is an indispensable helper for this work. The foam broom from the TWIN® Pure Steel series is suitable for whipping, leveling or homogenizing liquid or semi-liquid foods. Due to the innovative design with eight star-shaped stainless steel loops, the masses for desserts and savory dishes are particularly frothy due to increased air flow. When you hit the wrist is mostly stressed to a high degree. The round handle of the foam broom ensures fatigue-free working. In addition, the foam brush is by his ergonomic design very good in the hand. It is made of stainless 18/10 stainless steel and is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. The hanging loop also allows space-saving storage for all strips in the kitchen. ZWILLING's foam brush lets you use an ergonomically designed kitchen helper that will not tire your wrist, even on demanding, light-weight meals. Innovative construction for a particularly foamy consistency Eight star-shaped stainless steel loops ensure increased air flow Stainless, frosted 18/10 stainless steel By means of symmetrical arrangement of the foam brush can be turned off vertically Dough and sauce leftovers are particularly easy

Model: 37529-000-0

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ZWILLING Twin Pure Steel Foam WhiskZWILLING Twin Pure Steel Foam WhiskZWILLING Twin Pure Steel Foam Whisk

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ZWILLING Twin Pure Steel Foam Whisk

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