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India & West Asia in the Era of Globalisation (Alam Anwar)(Pevná vazba)

The issues of conflict and peace are of immense relevance in the post-cold war world, which has witnessed an unprecedented rise in local violent confl

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Fiscal Policy, Decentralization & Economic Growth in India (Chauhan Pradeep S.)(Pevná vazba)

When India's economy faced an unprecedented macroeconomic crisis in 1991, fiscal consolidation constituted a major objective of the policy response. F

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Commercial Banks in India - Growth, Challenges & Strategies (Kunjukunju Benson)(Pevná vazba)

In India, the nationalization of commercial banks in 1969 and 1980 was a mixed blessing. After nationalization, there was a shift of emphasis from ind

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Empowerment of Women in India - Social, Economic & Political (Ganesamurthy V. S.)(Pevná vazba)

The extent of empowerment of women in a nation is largely determined by three factors - economic, social, and political identity. India's Tenth Five Y

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Space, Memory & Jewish National Identity (Ilias M. H.)(Pevná vazba)

Due to the collage-like appearance of many political and sociological themes, the nationalist history of Jewish people has become an area of vigorous

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Customer Relationship Management in Indian Banking Industry (Uppal R. K.)(Pevná vazba)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the Indian banking system is fundamental to building a customer-centric organization. CRM systems link custo

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Stock Market in India - Working & Reforms (Gupta Saloni)(Pevná vazba)

A stock (or share) market deals mainly in corporate securities. The securities are chiefly in the form of equity shares and debentures. The function o

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E-Governance - A Comprehensive Framework (Gupta D. N.)(Pevná vazba)

This book draws on the diagnostic study of E-Governance projects in India, carried out with an objective to capture the inter-dependence of technology

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News Media in India - The Impact of Globalization (Madhok Madhuri)(Pevná vazba)

Globalization has set in a new trend in India's news media wherein the once leading news agencies are steadily losing their traditional hold on daily

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Women, Status & Empowerment in India (Mishra Shyam Kartik)(Pevná vazba)

According to India's 2011 Census, the country's population has increased by 17.6% since 2001. The Census shows that 51.6% of the population is male, w

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Foreign Policy & Strategic Issues - Think Tanks in US & South Asia (Hasan Rahat)(Pevná vazba)

State structures are the dominant source of policy innovation, but there is also a need to consult other interests for information. Think tanks provid

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India's National Security - Concerns and Strategies (Pillai Mohanan B.)(Pevná vazba)

Security is an important component of the way international relations are played out. After independence in 1947, India followed a policy of non-align

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Entrepreneurship & Rural Women in India (Ahirrao Jitendra)(Pevná vazba)

In India, entrepreneurship has assumed prime importance - both in research and in action - for accelerating economic growth. An entrepreneur is a crit

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Economic Development & Poverty in India (Sen Bhabesh)(Pevná vazba)

After the initiation of economic reforms in 1991, India's economy has been growing faster than its historical growth rate. The country's Tenth Five Ye

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Financial Institutions & Financial Markets in India - Functioning & Reforms (Bhasin Niti)(Pevná vazba)

Finance is the linchpin of any development strategy. The financial system promotes savings by providing a wide variety of financial assets to the gene

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Regional Economic Disparities in India (Nachimuthu V.)(Pevná vazba)

In India, balanced regional development has always been an essential component of the development strategy in order to ensure the unity and integrity

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Corporate Governance in India (Sharma Sunita Upendra)(Pevná vazba)

This book examines corporate governance practices in India. It looks at corporate governance objectives, strategies, policies, ethics, and disclosure

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Human Resources Management (HRM) and Globalization (Chadha Anupriya)(Pevná vazba)

Human resources management (HRM) is a dynamic process of bringing people and organizations together so that the goals of each other are met. Since peo

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