Communicating with the World of Beings - The World Heritage Rock Art Sites in Alta, Arctic Norway (Helskog Knut)(Pevná vazba)

Anotace: The rock art found in the World Heritage sites in the Alta area, Arctic Norway, comprise thousands of images includ

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Ancient Fortifications - A Compendium of Theory and Practice (Muth Silke)(Pevná vazba)

A guide to research on ancient fortifications containing 12 chapters on all aspects of current research on fortifications plus a catalogue featuring r

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Segedunum - Excavations by Charles Daniels in the Roman Fort at Wallsend (1975-1984) (Croom Alexandra)(Pevná vazba)

Between 1975 and 1984 almost the entire area of the Roman fort of Segedunum in Wallsend was excavated under the direction of Charles Daniels, senior l

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Archaeology of the Lower City and Adjacent Suburbs (Darling Margaret)(Pevná vazba)

This volume contains reports on excavations undertaken in the lower walled city at Lincoln, which lies on sloping ground on the northern scarp of the

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Down by the River - Archaeological, Palaeoenvironmental and Geoarchaeological Investigations of the Suffolk River Valleys (Chapman Henry)(Pevná vazba)

Whilst East Anglia has long been known as a key area for the preservation of important Palaeolithic archaeological and palaeoenvironmental deposits, r

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People with Animals - Perspectives and Studies in Ethnozooarchaeology (Broderick Lee)(Paperback)

People with Animals emphasizes the interdependence of people and animals in society, and contributors examine the variety of forms and time-depth that

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Crown of Arsinoe II - The Creation of an Image of Authority (Nilsson Maria)(Paperback)

The Crown of ArsinoE II is a detailed study of a unique crown that was created for the Ptolemaic Egyptian Queen ArsinoE II which has important conclus

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Medieval Kirk, Cemetery and Hospice at Kirk Ness, North Berwick - The Scottish Seabird Centre Excavations 1999-2006 (Addyman Thomas)(Pevná vazba)

Anotace: Kirk Ness has long been considered likely to be an early Christian centre, whose dedication to St Andrew may perhap

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Stairway to Heaven - The Functions of Medieval Upper Spaces (Huitson Toby)(Paperback)

Medieval stairs, galleries and upper chambers in cathedrals, abbeys, and parish churches have been an enduring source of fascination to historians and

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Living Through the Dead - Burial and Commemoration in the Classical World (Carroll Maureen)(Paperback)

This volume investigates the archaeology of death and commemoration through thematically linked case studies drawn from the Classical world. These inv

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Ways of Being Roman - Discourses of Identity in the Roman West (Revell Louise)(Paperback)

This book examines the question of identity in the Roman west. Combining material and textual evidence, it takes an innovative approach in looking at

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Roman Military Architecture on the Frontiers - Armies and Their Architecture in Late Antiquity (Collins Rob)(Pevná vazba)

The Roman army was one of the most astounding organizations in the ancient world, and much of the success of the Roman empire can be attributed to its

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Medieval and Ottoman Hajj Route in Jordan - An Archaeological and Historical Study (Petersen Andrew)(Pevná vazba)

As one of the five pillars of Islam the pilgrimage to Mecca (the Hajj) is central to the life of all Muslims. A network of roads radiates from the Hij

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Labyrinth Revisited - Rethinking Minoan Archaeology (Hamilakis Yannis)(Paperback)

Minoan Crete is one of the most intensively investigated archaeological cultures in the world, and one that has often captured the public imagination.

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Underground Archaeology - Studies on Human Bones and Artefacts from Ireland's Caves (Dowd Marion)(Pevná vazba)

Until the present day, human bones and artefacts recovered from Irish caves, principally between 1870 and 1990 had either been completely neglected or

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Gods and Garments - Textiles in Greek Sanctuaries in the 7th to the 1st Centuries BC (Brons Cecilie)(Pevná vazba)

Textiles comprise a vast and wide category of material culture and constitute a crucial part of the ancient economy. Yet, studies of classical antiqui

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Neolithic Stepping Stones - Excavation and survey within the western seaways of Britain, 2008-2014 (Garrow Duncan)(Paperback)

Exploration of key themes concerning the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the western seaway region of Britain (Channel Islands through to Orkney) f

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Ancient Egyptian Furniture. Volume III: Ramesside Furniture (Killen Geoffrey)(Pevná vazba)

In this third volume Dr Killen investigates how woodworking in ancient Egypt developed in the 19th and 20th dynasties. It establishes the range of woo

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