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Ship Models from Kits - Basic and Advanced Techniques for Small Scales (Griffith David)(Paperback)

Now in paperback this standard of building ship models deals with the latest materials and techniques. These new materials have prompted innovative te


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RMS Titanic - A Modelmaker's Manual (Davis-Garner Peter)(Paperback)

The Ultimate ship modeller's guide to the world's most famous liner.


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Relics of the Reich - The Buildings the Nazis Left Behind (Philpott Colin)(Pevná vazba)

Relics of the Reich is the story of what happened to the buildings the Nazis left behind. Hitler s Reich may have been defeated in 1945 but many build

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Gallantry and Discipline - The 12th Light Dragoons at War with Wellington (Bamford Andrew)(Pevná vazba)

New history of a famous British cavalry regiment in the Napoleonic Wars. Based on a wealth of original material from the regimental archives and prov

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Panzers I & II - Germany's Light Tanks (Carruthers Bob)(Paperback)

The first vehicle to be produced in any numbers for the Panzerwaffe was the tiny Panzer I known as the MG Panzerwagen. Almost from the outset the limi

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Voices from the Past - The Wooden Horse of Gallipoli - The Heroic Saga of SS River Clyde an Icon of the First World War (Snelling Stephen)(Pevná vazba)

The first full-length study devoted entirely to the SS River Clyde and the men who sailed in her in the spring of 1915.

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Central Powers on the Russian Front 1914 -1918 (Bilton David)(Paperback)

Arranged in five sections, one for each year of the War, this superbly illustrated book covers the fluid fighting that took place on the Russian Front

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From Supermarine Seafire XVII to Douglas DC-10 - A Lifetime of Flight (Williams Ronald)(Pevná vazba)

Ron Williams flying career started in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve which he joined for his National Service in the 1950s. Having completed this h

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Impossible Victories - Ten Unlikely Battlefield Successes (Perrett Bryan)(Pevná vazba)

Offers a thrilling selection of tales illustrating how victories were achieved against the odds from the Peninsula War of 1811 to Vietnam in 1967.

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Bomber Command 1939-1945 - A Reference to the Men, Aircraft and Operational History (Delve Ken)(Pevná vazba)

The basic concept is a series of books each of which will focus on one RAF Command during World War Two. Format for each one will be the same, which i


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Road to Dunkirk - The British Expeditionary Force and the Battle of the Ypres-Comines Canal, 1940 (More Charles)(Pevná vazba)

Eye-witness accounts of a crucial battle during the retreat to Dunkirk New evidence on the relative fighting abilities of the British Expeditionary F

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Railway of Hell - War Captivity and Forced Labour at the Hands of the Japanese (Burton Reginald)(Paperback)

A young captain in the Royal Norfolk Regiment, Reggie Burton was wounded in the closing stages of the disastrous defense of Malaya and Singapore. He v

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From Antiquarian to Archaeologist - The History and Philosophy of Archaeology (Murray Tim)(Pevná vazba)

The first time that this collection of essays has been published together All essays are centred on a very popular subject at the moment Suitable fo

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1815: The Return of Napoleon (Austin Paul Britten)(Pevná vazba)

The Frontline Napoleonic Library is an unparalleled collection of classic works on the Napoleonic Wars. Presenting some of the finest memoirs and stud

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Pozieres - Somme (Keech Graham)(Paperback)

The village sits on top of the ridge that bears its name, a ridge that was an objective on the 1st July 1916. As it was, the whole position was not f

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Great Train Crimes - Murder and Robbery on the Railways (Oates Jonathan)(Pevná vazba)

Murder and robbery committed on the railways have long held a special place in British criminal history. Railways and trains create special conditions

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Manchester in the Great War (O'Neill Joseph)(Paperback)

Fascinating and much forgotten story of Manchester's contribution to the Great War.

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